International Conference on Coastal Engineering

The International Conference on Coastal Engineering is a biennial conference under the auspices of the Coastal Engineering Research Council of the COPRI (Coasts, Oceans, Ports, Rivers Institute) of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Schedule of Conferences

Number Year City
30th 2006 San Diego
31st 2008 Hamburg

Abstract selection process

The papers published in the Proceedings are prepared by authors who are selected to make presentations at an International Conference on Coastal Engineering. It is the policy of the CERC that papers must be presented by an author or coauthor to be published in the Proceedings .

The authors are asked to make presentations at the Conference based upon review of the abstracts that are submitted well in advance of the Conference. The Technical Review Committee includes six professionals who are active in the field of coastal engineering. One of the members is a representative of the Local Organizing Committee; the other five members are selected for their broad understanding and recognition in the field. Prospective authors should be aware that the range of the fields covered by the reviewers is very broad and that the selection of abstract is based on a majority opinion of the reviewers. Narrowly focussed abstracts that do not illustrate the importance of the work to the field of coastal engineering will not convince reviewers from different fields that the abstract should be accepted for presentation.

Statistics from previous conferences about numbers of abstracts, numbers excepted, etc. are given here

The papers in the Proceedings are eligible for discussion in the Journal of the Waterways, Port, Coastal and Ocean Division of the ASCE. All papers are eligible for ASCE awards.

Previous Conferences

Conference Year Venue

1 1950 Long Beach, California

2 1951 Houston, Texas

3 952 Cambridge, Massachusetts

4 1953 Chicago, Illinois

5 1954 Grenoble, France

6 1957 Gainesville, Florida

7 1960 The Hague, The Netherlands

8 1962 Mexico City, Mexico

9 1964 Lisbon, Portugal

10 1966 Tokyo, Japan

11 1968 London, United Kingdom

12 1970 Washington, D.C.

13 1972 Vancouver, Canada

14 1974 Copenhagen, Denmark

15 1976 Honolulu, Hawaii

16 1978 Hamburg, Germany

17 1980 Sydney, Australia

18 1982 Cape Town, South Africa

19 1984 Houston, Texas

20 1986 Taipei, Taiwan

21 1988 Torremolinos, Spain

22 1990 Delft, the Netherlands

23 1992 Venice Italy

24 1994 Kobe, Japan

25 1996 Orlando, Florida

26 1998 Copenhagen, Denmark

27 2000 Sydney, Australia

28 2002 Wales, United Kingdom

29 2004 Lisbon, Portugal

30 2006 San Diego, California

31 2008 Hamburg, Germany

Coastal Engineering Research Council (CERC)

"Purpose: to advance engineering knowledge through stimulating and guiding research and assisting and financing therefore in the field of coastal engineering; to organize research projects, and in cooperation with professional committees, to interpret the findings of such research; to make available information and recommendations resulting from research." from ASCE Registar.

Robert G. Dean
Orville T. Magoon
Billy Edge, Vice Chair
Robert A. Dalrymple, F.ASCE, Chair
Yoshimi Goda
James R. Houston
J.W. Kamphuis
Ronald M. Noble, F.ASCE
Marcel Stive
Jane M. Smith, Secretary

Policies and Procedures for Hosting a Conference

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History of the Coastal Engineering Research Council

The continuing coordination of the International Conferences on Coastal Engineering is through the Coastal Engineering Research Council of the ASCE. The Research Council began at the instigation of Professor Boris Bakhmeteff who as chairman of the Research Committee of the Engineering Foundation suggested the formation of the Council on Wave Research. The Council was established in June 1950 under the Engineering Foundation.

Subsequently in 1963 the Council was transferred from the Foundation to the ASCE and was renamed the Coastal Engineering Research Council, which better described its expanded function.

Members of the Foundation and subsequently members of the Council recognized that coastal engineering problems required broad based research to better define the coastal and ocean phenomena with which they dealt. The Foundation felt that it was important that all disciplines working in the coastal area should have an opportunity and be encouraged to communicate with one another through the mechanism of interdisciplinary conferences.

The first conference was held in Long Beach, CA in 1950. The papers which were delivered at that conference were published and became the first coastal engineering conference Proceedings. Although the conferences began with a national focus they quickly became international in scope. After planning and successfully conducting more than 25 conferences on coastal engineering, the Series has been established as the principal conference on coastal engineering in the world. Contributors to the conference represent nearly all coastal nations and the numbers of abstracts which are submitted to consideration are generally twice as large as the available opportunity for presentations. The Proceedings of the conferences are all available from the ASCE.


Although the ASCE presents several awards related to coastal engineering, the Coastal Engineering Research Council, at this time, does not play a role in these awards, other than providing a venue for their presentation.
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