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The coastal list migrated recently from the original mailman service to a Google Group. Please be patient as we work through the kinks.

Post a message to the coastal list by sending an email to

The group is located here Coastal List.
Or you can log into Google groups and search for coastal_list.

If logged into Google:

Subscribe by clicking the "join Group" button

Unsubscribe by clicking My Groups in the upper left. Find coastal_list in your group listing and click "Leave this group"

If not logged in to Google:

Subscribe by clicking Here. and then use the "Subscribe to this group" link

Unsubscribe by sending an email to Unsubscribe Coastal List

The default delivery option will be set soon to abridged for all users (that is one summary email per day). Users that wish to receive each email separately can go to their Google Group settings and change to "all email"

The coastal list will now have categories for posting to help clean up the many messages received. The major benefit to categorization is that Google Group users can log in and select only those categories of interest to receive message from

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