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Nobu Kobayashi     James T. Kirby     Tian-Jian (Tom) Hsu     Jack A. Puleo     Fengyan Shi    

Nobu Kobayashi

    1) Dune erosion, overwash and breaching
    2) Wave overtopping and overflow on levees
    3) Prediction of beach nourishment project performance
    4) Sediment transport processes on sand beaches and tidal flats
    5) Resilient design of coastal structures

Tian-Jian (Tom) Hsu

    1) The dynamics of sediment-laden river plume and initial deposition off small mountainous rivers (NSF)
    2) CAREER: 3D multiphase sediment transport modeling framework (NSF)
    3) High resolution numerical modeling of cohesive sediment transport (ONR)
    4) Community sediment transport model (NOPP)
    5) Preliminary investigation on the interactions of waves and river plume and their effects on sediment transport at river mouth (UD)

James T. Kirby

    1) Surface wave effects on underwater acoustic communications (ONR MURI)
    2) Generation, transport and fate of air bubbles in the surfzone (ONR)
    3) Physical factors affecting hypoxia events in Chesapeake and Delaware Inland Bays. (NOAA CHRP)
    4) The dynamics of sediment-laden river plume and initial deposition off small mountainous rivers (NSF)
    5) Wave-induced circulation and transport in a complex beach environment - Truc Vert, France. (NSF)
    6) Validation of a coupled model for circulation and waves in Delaware Bay (Sea Grant)
    7) Surface wave processes in inlets and river mouths (ONR, Pending)
    8) Hazard assessment and inundation mapping for U. S. East Coast tsunamis (NOAA, Pending)

Jack A. Puleo

    1) Sediment transport over a surf zone sand bar (NSF)
    2) Mobility of munitions on beaches (SERDP)
    3) Low-cost sensors for rapid deployment during extreme events (Sea Grant and NSF)
    4) Steep beach hydrodynamics and morphology during storms (Sea Grant)
    5) Physics of dune erosion during extreme surge and wave events (NSF)
    6) Sheet flow transport for various grain size distributions (DAAD - German government fellowship)

    For more thorough information on these and past projects, see Dr. Puleo's research.

Fengyan Shi

    1) Coupling of Meteorology, Ocean and Nearshore Models for Predicting Coastal Inundation (Sea Grant, Morphos)
    2) Development of Community Sediment Transport Model (NOPP)
    3) Storm-Induced Sediment Transport and Morphology Change (Morphos)
    4) Surfzone Bubbles and Bubble-Sediment Interaction (ONR)
    5) Modeling Coastal Erosion at Ocean Beach, California (USGS)

    Detailed on-going and past projects can be found at Dr. Shi's research.

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