Robert A. Dalrymple

Edward C. Davis Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor of Marine Studies

Center for Applied Coastal Research
Ocean Engineering Laboratory
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
Tel: 302-831-2440
Fax: 302-831-1228

Research Interests

Water waves, nearshore hydrodynamics, coastal processes.
Here's another picture, showing me putting dye into a rip current generated in the laboratory's Directional Wave Basin. This study of rip current generation in the vicinity of sand bars is funded by ONR. This picture shows the Directional Wave Basin with waves refracting on the rip currents through the sand bars. The black crosses on the bottom are measurement positions. Finally, here's a picture from Waves 2001 with me, Robert G. Dean, with Leslie Ewing and Becky Edge in the background (K. Barnes photo).

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Odds and Ends

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Artists for whom I have consulted:

National Geographic Magazine (November, 1998) is highlighting Jaws, Maui, a surfing area in Hawaii that experiences huge waves at times. See what the wave model REF/DIF does for the this site by going to

See Jaws, Maui report on CNN interactive.

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