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Java Applets for Coastal Engineering


This page (www.coastal.udel.edu/faculty/rad) is a listing of Java applets that might prove of use in coastal engineering. To run these applets, you only need a web browser that supports Java, such as Netscape 3.01/4.0+. Note: if, when you try to run an applet, you only see text and have a message at the top of the page saying "This application requires a Java-enhanced browser to use. Sorry,'' then you don't have Java enabled. To do this with Netscape, find Preferences (perhaps under the Edit menu), and look under Advanced. There should be a button to press to Enable "Java."

On Feb 16, 1999, the applets were modified to the jar archive format to reduce download times. This should provide no problem for your brower, but if so, try the old format at www.coastal.udel.edu/faculty/rad/classes A Sharp Zaurus PDA can run modified versions of these applets. They are available here.

These applets have been tested with Netscape (3.01, 4.0, and recently work with IE 3.0) and were developed using the Linux operating system, a PC, and the Sun Microsystems Java Development Kit 1.0.2-1.17a (Linux port: www.blackdown.org), as well as a Sun Sparc 5 and Solaris. You can find the latest JDK at www.javasoft.com for a variety of operating systems. Information on other Java development projects is found on www.javasoft.com.

The applets take a while to download and run, so be a little patient. However, you can install these applets on your own machine and avoid download times. Click here for instructions.

Several of the applets have been modified for use on the Sharp Zaurus PDA. Click here for instructions for downloading to your Zaurus.

Use these for engineering purposes at your own risk! These applets are copyrighted University of Delaware. They have been described in an article in the Linux Journal, v. 56, December, 1998. The article is entitled "Sharing Pedagogy with Java," by Robert A. Dalrymple.



Hyper.java, the hyperbolic functions.

Refract.java, linear refraction/shoaling methods.

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