Pontoon Wavemaker Calculator

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The Barge Wavemaker Applet Calculator takes the wave period (or frequency, Hz), and wave direction (in degrees), the pontoon characteristics (see below), and determines the wave length (L), the wave number (k), wave celerity (C = L/T, in ft/s), direction (degrees), wave height, (H) and the group velocity Cg=n C The wave height is not allowed to exceed 0.8 of the water depth and is denoted `breaking' if this condition is met.

Additional results are the wave energy, E, the wave energy flux per foot of crest length, E_f, and the pressure response factor at the bottom, K_p. The bottom pressure, p_b=K_p * surface displacement. The magnitude of the bottom velocity u_b is also calculated.

The calculations are based on the dispersion relationship for progressive linear water waves and linear water wavemaker theory (Ref: Dean and Dalrymple, Water Wave Mechanics for Engineers and Scientists, World Scientific Press.)

The description of the important inputs for the applet are given in this definition sketch. Here the piston width is W , the draft is D, and the underkeel clearance is delta. The vertical stroke is the full excursion of the pontoon from its highest position to its lowest.

Comments: Robert Dalrymple
Center for Applied Coastal Research
University of Delaware, Newark DE 19716