Dalrymple's Coastal Engineering Java Page

Java Applets for Coastal Engineering


This page is a listing of Java applets that might prove of use in coastal engineering. To run these applets, you only need a web browser that supports Java, such as Netscape 3.01/4.0.

These applets have been tested with Netscape (3.01, 4.0, and recently work with IE 3.0) and were developed using the Linux operating system, a PC, and the Sun Microsystems Java Development Kit 1.0.2 (Linux port: www.blackdown.org), as well as a Sun Sparc 5 and Solaris. You can find the latest JDK at www.javasoft.com for a variety of operating systems. Information on other Java development projects is found on www.sun.com.

The applets take a while to download and run, so be a little patient. Educators: find out how to install these applets locally on your Java-equipped computer and avoid download times, by writing me.

Use these for engineering purposes at your own risk! These applets are copyrighted University of Delaware.



Hyper.java, the hyperbolic functions.

Refract.java, linear refraction/shoaling methods.

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Prof. Robert A. Dalrymple
Center for Applied Coastal Research
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