Downloading Dalrymple's Java Applets

Downloading the Java Applets

The Java applets for coastal engineering have been compiled into Java bytecode that is machine-independent. You can download these compiled applets and run them on your own machine without having to go onto the Internet each time that you want to use them.

Once they are installed on your machine, the easiest way to use the applets is to point your browser to the index.html file in that directory. This way your browser handles the need for the Java language. The second way is to have Java installed on your machine and use the Java-supplied appletviewer to run the applets. This is less satisfactory in that you don't see the html page associated with the applets.

Windows users will probably want to download the zip archive. Download it using your browser and then unzip it into a directory. (There are a variety of zip/unzip programs, such as winzip, 123zip, etc, available from and other online archives.) Once you have unzipped the package, point your browser to that directory using something like 'file:/c:\directoryname\index.html' where directoryname is whatever the name of the directory is--could be My Programs\coastal\java for instance.

Unix (Linux) users can download either archive, place in a directory, and unzip/untar in place. The (un)tar command would be 'tar -xvf cjavabin.tar' Then point your browser to that directory with 'file:/directoryname/index.html' with directoryname replace with the full path to directory.

For zip format, click to download. For tar format, click cjavabin.tar. Otherwise, you can ftp them from our anonymous ftp server: in the directory pub/contrib.

The applets are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check back to the Coastal Engineering Java Applets page to check for changes:

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Prof. Robert A. Dalrymple
Center for Applied Coastal Research
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