Fengyan Shi's Numerical Lab

Center for Applied Coastal Research
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Delaware



CIEG 684 class note download)

Cool stuff: FRF wave and bubble; Sediment on beach;   Surfzone bubbles; Bubbles and plunging jet; Bubbles and circulationPonce de Leon Inlet; Solitary wave runup; Deformable landslide;

New Stuff: New_River_Inlet(tide+wave,  tide only)  tsunami wave overtopping (10m-DEM data);  Beach Flooding;  Foam;  Pacific Tsunami; Single-focus-lens Bar; 

Public-Domain Models

   NearCoM: Nearshore Community Model  for predictions of waves, circulations and sediment transport

FUNWAVE-TVD: Fully nonlinear Boussinesq wave model (FUNWAVE) with a TVD solver

VOF-Bused: Multi-phase modeling of bubbles and sediment transport inside the surfzone

   Tsunami Boussinesq Model  for Tsunami Simulation

Curvilinear REF/DIF   Ref-Dif wave model based on parabolic approximation following curved lines
Curvilinear SHORECIRC  Nearshore circulaton model in generalized curvilinear coordinates
Curvilinear FUNWAVE  Curvilinar fully nonlinear Boussinesq wave model

Other Models

WDM  Curvilinear Grid Model of Storm Surge Flooding
Self-adaptive Curvilinear Grid Model of  Storm Surge Flooding

MONGOOSE: A 2D VOF model for wave interaction with coastal structures

NearCoM Modeling of Sediment Transport in San Francisco Bight and Ocean Beach

ROMS, SWAN and NearCoM Coupling in a MCEL System for Modeling at Delaware Bay and Indian River Inlet --->

Grid Generation

Shi's CoastGrid for Matlab(to make a boundary-fitted grid)

Denham's SeaGrid for Matlab(To make an orthogonal grid)

Gridgen with matlab GUI another orthogonal grid generator in the field.